My Journey into Metaphysics

As a kid I always knew things but I was often told it was my imagination, even when what I had said was proven to be right later. I had an “imaginary” friend named Vickie; she was my twin on the other side. I loved rocks, trees and animals and being out in nature. I loved to read and I read anything I could get my hands on; including breakfast cereal boxes    and my grandfather’s trashy novels that he would leave in his bathroom.

When I got older I tried to find out more about psychic things, magic, and things that others couldn’t explain. I went to a Christian school for several of my junior high years where I was taught that interest in these things was considered evil and from the devil. But I didn’t feel that these “gifts” and interest in the supernatural was at all evil.

I searched for information but this was back before the internet was in use by everyday people, there were not many books on the subject of intuition and psychic development that were available to me, one little shop in the Dixie Land Flea Market that had some stuff, what I did find back then didn’t tell me how to do it myself; only how others had come to do it. Their stories were often of finding a mentor, or just knowing from a young age that this is what they would do.

I was studying what I could find over the years and began to find books that helped me understand a little more, but it was the internet that really opened the door for me. There I found books, articles, workshops and classes that spoke to me, and although many still felt that this was “evil”, I had a driving desire to know more about what I later learned was Metaphysics.

In 2003 I became a Reiki Practitioner and a Reiki Master in 2004. This began to open doors for me and showed me that there were other likeminded people, but I still hadn’t found my “tribe”.

In January of 2007 I found a little church in Davison which felt like home when I stepped through the doors. I found people who would share what they knew, validate my gifts, and tell me I wasn’t crazy or evil. It was there that I learned to hone my gifts and eventually give readings for the public at their Psychic Fairs.  I now enjoy teaching Intuitive Development, Reiki, Journaling and Metaphysics.


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