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What does that mean to you?
Freedom to me means being Who I Really Am, and I am still in the process of discovering that. I believe we are all in the process of discovery for as long as we live on this earth plane. It is constantly in motion as we discover parts of ourselves that were hidden or needed an incubation period before it emerged.
The secret is to dig deep enough to find if you are living your own truth or someone else’s.
Many people spend their lives living as others think they should live.
They may be living the life their parents thinks they should (I know I did for a while). Or they live the way society thinks they should live (yep did that too for a while). Or the way their partners/significant others/spouses think they should live (yep that too).
Stop shoulding on yourself and give yourself permission to discover Who You Are.
In the book Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, there is a paragraph that, to me, says it best.

“Remember this: There is only one sacred promise-and that is to tell and live your truth. All other promises are forfeitures of freedom, and that can never be sacred. For freedom is Who You Are. If you forfeit freedom, you forfeit your Self. And that is not a sacrament, that is a blasphemy.”

Take a moment (or two) to examine your life. Are you living it in a way that is expressing You? I invite you to live your own life-not someone else’s idea of what it should be.
This is real freedom and independence. Living the life you love.